Combat Bad Breath The Yoga Way

While it is still best to regularly visit your dentist for all your oral care needs, did you know that you can also turn to yoga for help to get rid of that embarrassing bad breath?

Nobody wants to have bad breath, of course, as it is an unacceptable condition to have in social places, even if it is at your favorite burrito place. So while you don’t think all too much about it, rest assured, the people around you are keeping a discreet check if they should stay a bit farther away from you during conversations.


Yoga And Bad Breath

Bad breath is not only acquired by leaving food bits in between your teeth, cavities, or missing out on cleaning your tongue. Stop receding gums, more often than not, this is an indication of an even bigger problem found in your internal organs, particularly the colon and the intestine. In this regard, you can consider your mouth as a sort of exhaust vent, and your breath is the gas or steam that comes out of your body. If it becomes foul-smelling, it therefore means that your body is filled with toxins, and it is being reflected on your breath.

Now, as you may very well know, yoga can do wonders in aiding your gastrointestinal tract to work better at digesting the food that you take in. Apart from that, it also allows for a better detoxification process by helping you have more regular bowel movements. This should efficiently remove the toxins from your body, thereby removing the source of bad breath.

Bad breath and Yoga

Among the techniques you can work with to help combat bad breath would be the Kapalbhati. This requires a repetitive contraction of the belly while seated. The focus here is the exhalation. Be as conscious about it as possible, because this is where the workout for the digestive tract really happens.

Meanwhile, the Yoga Mudra will have you bending all the way down to the ground, with your forehead tucked as close as possible to your legs. Upon release, the body must be relaxed to the fullest extent. This movement again gives your intestines a good workout to get your digestion process moving faster and more efficiently.

Apart from targeting the stomach area, however, these techniques – as with any other yogic position – rely heavily on the proper way of breathing. Practice it regularly, and soon, it will be a natural workout and preventive method for you against bad breath.

You should also keep a closer watch on your diet, avoiding those foods that can slow down your digestion, such dairy products. Binging, of course, should also be avoided. Here’s where the usual advice of “eat a healthy and balanced diet” therefore comes in.

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